Proud suppliers of spares to the refrigeration industry

We can custom supply any parts required including, Coils, Fans, Gauges, Sealants, Sight Glasses, Valves, Compressors and more


FP1076 - HP Transducer photo

Part Number: PB1250

LP Transducer

Price: £90.67 +VAT

FP1076A Transducer Cable photo

Part Number: PB1251A

Transducer Cable

Price: £17.18 +VAT

FP1077 HP Transducer photo

Part Number: PB1251

HP Transducer

Price: £90.67 +VAT

Part Number: PB1121

AKS 32R -1 to 34 bar  

Price: £150.24 +VAT

Part Number: PB1422

AKS 32R -1 to 12 bar  

Price: £125.24 +VAT