Proud suppliers of spares to the refrigeration industry

We can custom supply any parts required including, Coils, Fans, Gauges, Sealants, Sight Glasses, Valves, Compressors and more


Part Number: PB1333

Contactor 24V

Price: £22.54 +VAT

PB1283 photo

Part Number: PB1283

Manual Motor Starter (9-14 Amp)

Price: £22.50 +VAT

FP1178 Plexi Box photo

Part Number: FP1178

Plexi Box

Price: £2.35 +VAT

PB1326B (24V Relay) photo

Part Number: PB1326B

24V Relay

Price: £9.35 +VAT

PB1326C (24V Relay) photo

Part Number: PB1326C

24V Relay

Price: £9.35 +VAT

PB1326A (24V Relay) photo

Part Number: PB1326A

24V Relay

Price: £9.35 +VAT

PB1326 (24V Relay) photo

Part Number: PB1326

24V Relay

Price: £9.35 +VAT

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